AM I Doing the crossfit open?

Fellow crossfitters , and the few potential readers who aren’t, I truly have come to despise this question when this time of the year comes around, And yes it’s that time of year again when Crossfit athletes (elite, rx, scaled, adaptive) put their bodies, minds and souls through welcomed agony, pain and anxiety for a

clo Coffee Co.

I have been cheating on my home town coffee shop…and I don’t feel bad about it! CLO Coffee Co. has become the new love in my life. And like any new love affair I just can’t help but to indulge myself in their presence every chance I get. Every Sunday for the last three weeks

freedom in egoless crossfit

As Beyonce’ would say “I got a big ego” and this couldn’t have been more true up until two years ago when I stopped posting my scores on my gym’s tracking management system called Wodify. Prior to that to say that my ego was out of control when it came to working out is an

I’m An athlete…Period!

“What do you do for fitness?” “I crossfit.” This has been my pride ridden boastful response for the last six years. Isn’t it funny how we as humans can be so smug once we embark upon an idea, concept or methodology that changes us mentally, spiritually or physically. Our underwhelming behavior is then compounded with

“Folks Strugglin”

Before you throw shade and do a double take to make sure this is my blog you’ve clicked on I will answer it before you ask the question. Yes, this is still MScrossfit and yes I am still an advocate for MS awareness, Crossfit, health and wellness. However, there are times when I just have

Am I a Hypocrite?

Laid out on my beach towel embracing the cascade of the sun’s rays I have consciously enveloped myself its warmth with the hopes of leaving this water park with the very welcomed complexion of the beautiful actress Lupita Nyong’o. As the temperature tops 95 degrees I become aware that most Multiple Sclerosis patients aren’t privy

crossfit and volume…can it be too much?

“The warm-up for today’s class is a 1 mile run.” Although I’m never one to complain, at least not out loud, my inner thought was “Oh they are straight buggin…isn’t there three 800 meter runs already in the workout today?” I should have known something was up when the workout somehow wasn’t shown on Wodify


We are dopamine phone fiends awe stricken by the blue light that illuminates self validation expressed in likes, red hearts and anonymous typed comments. Its hold of us is suffocating, strangling the last freedoms we have as human beings…choice. The oracles of these platforms are nothing but two bit hustlers using the deception of the

Isabella fitness

Avoided by many and excepted by few. Change, real change requires a certain fortitude that isn’t for the faint of heart. One must endure criticism, backlash and judgement from those whose spotted past transgressions would suggest they all they should offer is their silence. Fortunately the undesired gossip and undeserved shade isn’t even what is

multiple sclerosis…and why did i hide.

I’m black and I’m a woman. Two certainties that some would say have already afforded me two strikes in my life up to this point. I don’t agree of course but you could see how sharing a diagnosis such as multiple sclerosis with others, who have probably already deemed me inadequate, could make me rightfully

colorism, Crossfit…Controversy?

It is my 9:30am crossfit class and as usual I am the only African American woman there. This scene is not unfamiliar to me. Whether it be the primarily white catholic elementary school or the private university I attended (and trust me there was not a single black face in any of my marine biology

Can you call nuggets chicken anymore?

Six nuggets for 99 cents! Sounds like a good deal..right? Wrong! But how many of us knowing that even though this deal is too good be true continue purchasing chicken nuggets from fast food restaurants anyway. Unfortunately this is the norm for our society who loves to accept the fake, the false and the untrue

The Unknown

“Doc, what’s my life expectancy? Will I eventually regress mentally and physically?” His response, “One doesn’t know.” I met his answer with great disdain. “One doesn’t know?” Seriously, how could he, a well versed esteemed and highly recommended neurologist, not know? With his years of schooling and experience treating patients with this disease one would