If there was one bakery/coffee house to compare all others to Bourke Street Bakery would be it. Located on East 28th Street off Madison Ave in New York Burke Street Bakery defies words of description but I’ll do my best. You have to understand you don’t visit Bourke Street you experience it. Bourke Street will convert you into carb loving coffee drinker (if you aren’t one already) once the aromas of their freshly baked goods and freshly brewed coffee captures you upon entering their doors.

I can’t lie right now. I truly don’t know where to begin. As you walk in your eyes become fixated on the assortment of freshly baked breads ranging from eight different types of sourdoughs, challah, baguettes and tin loafs. Let’s just say their bread selection is so extensive they have a bread timetable that lets you know what breads are available daily and on select days of the week. Did you hear what I said? They have a bread timetable!

As you can imagine with a bread selection as such Bourke Street breakfast and lunch sandwiches couldn’t be less than amazing also. The ‘BEC’ an organic free range egg with smoked bacon, provolone and house made bbq sauce on a panini was my pick and it was amazing. However, top billing goes to the lamb and harissa sausage roll. Oh My Goodness!! This sausage roll encased in a buttery flaky pastry sent my taste buds to Mars and they still aren’t back yet! Flavored with Moroccan spices and crushed almonds the lamb roll also comes with it’s house made ketchup that I could eat by itself with a spoon. I’m not joking!


I know! I know! What about their sweeter selections? Trust me, I could be here all day and the next talking about all they have to offer. Bourke Street has sweet croissants ( and yes savory ones as well), muffins, cookies, cakes, pies and tarts.

The two days I spent in the city , yes I ate there both days, I tried my hand at the banana nut bread, chocolate almond croissant and Belgian chocolate sour cherry cookie. No disrespect to the chocolate almond croissant and chocolate sour cherry, both delicious in their own right, but the banana nut bread was the star! Served warmed with a house made churned butter it had the complete balance of a slice of homemade cake and homemade bread. Oh Bourke Street how I miss you!!

Oh yeah!!! What about their coffee selections? Sitting side by side Bourke Street has two commercial 2-group expresso machines fully equipped to give you a classic latte or maybe well deserved macchiato. Whatever your preference you will want to slip slow and willingly let your sense of smell and taste of your choice throw your body in a whirlwind. I definitely whipped my hair after having the cortado, macchiato and matcha latte. And no I didn’t have all three on the same day but so what if I did…It was my birthday. I know there are more bakeries in New York City that should ever be allowed in one area and makes choosing one to visit extremely difficult. However, do me a favor visit Bourke Street Bakery once and I promise it will be the last time you’ll ever have to choose.