I wish I could tell you who I am started as an active young girl who had aspirations of impacting the world through health and wellness.  However my story is quite the opposite.  I grew up overweight  with an affinity for Marine Biology.  When my weight had the potential to jeopardize my health in high school I took up basketball never thinking it would lead me to walk-on position at Monmouth University where I earned a degree in Marine Biology with a concentration in Environmental Science.

However, my journey did not lead me to my life long dream of being a marine biologist. After a short stint of working on my masters I was inspired by a friend to pursue a degree in Athletic Training at Seton Hall University. Apprehensively I applied and was accepted without a clue of how I was going to accomplish this feat in area of science that was unfamiliar to me. After 2.5 years of hard work and with the loving support of my family I was blessed to earn my Masters in Athletic Training.

Within six months of starting my job as a head athletic trainer I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Feeling lost, devastated and confused I came to a decision that multiple sclerosis would not define me and I would take on this disease by being the best version of myself physically, mentally and spiritually. Crossfit’s methodology suited me perfectly in trying to accomplish this task. Crossfit’s fitness and health concept introduced me to varied moderately intense workouts across modal domains along with ways to improve my overall nutrition, mobility and mindset which were all areas I sought to improve upon in order to live more optimally.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize was that for the last 12 years I had been selfish in not telling my story. Letting fear guide me I believed it would be best to not share my journey of living with multiple sclerosis with anyone. I didn’t understand that my story could help others around the world that may be struggling learning how to live MS or any other disease. But, I’m not afraid anymore. I’m ready to bring awareness, I’m ready to guide and I’m ready to help others fight the war on Multiple Sclerosis.