“What do you do for fitness?” “I crossfit.” This has been my pride ridden boastful response for the last six years. Isn’t it funny how we as humans can be so smug once we embark upon an idea, concept or methodology that changes us mentally, spiritually or physically. Our underwhelming behavior is then compounded with sarcasm dismissing anything or anyone threatening to refute our new found way of thinking or being.

Up until this pandemic I didn’t realize how limiting and confining that statement actually was in reference to my athletic journey. Although unfortunate the way I acquired it this available time off from work due to the pandemic allowed me to assess many things one of which was whether or not my fitness regimen had become too linear and streamlined only involving that of which was Crossfit.

As much as I would like to believe Crossfit put my fitness journey on the map the truth is I was an athlete way before it entered my life. So why have I discounted the years I played high school and collegiate basketball? Why have I discredited the years I dabbled in body building, kick boxing, boot camps and casual pick up games of kickball, volleyball and walks and bike rides with family and friends? Do they all not merit the right to be considered “fitness”?

The answer no fire breathing seven day a week refusing to scale crossfitter, or anyone else who has gotten in too deeply into any singular fitness regimen, wants to hear is that we have lost our way a little. We have forgotten that Crossfit was designed to help athletes be better for any sport they played, are currently playing or decided to learn to play.

Guilt ridden I tell you I truly forgot! I forgot that before Crossfit I ran track, played volleyball, basketball and was a cheerleader at my church ( well that is until I joined the boys’ basketball team lol ). I forgot I played basketball in middle school, high school and college. I forgot how I tried to throw shot put and javelin for my high school track team ( emphasis on tried ). I forgot the countless walks, bike rides, swimming trips and family kickball games. And what about the insurmountable hours spent running, swinging, hanging, flipping, sliding and jumping in jungle gyms growing up? Even now at the age of 38 I won’t hesitate to enjoy some playground action with my niece and nephew.

Don’t get me wrong my affinity for Crossfit is palpable. It’s methodology has not only helped me battle Multiple Sclerosis by improving my overall wellness and mindset but also it’s helped me appreciate the power of community. However, it would be so far from the truth to say that’s all that I am. I’m an athlete…and from here on out there won’t be a hesitation to say so!