it was never about greg in the first place…

In the five years I have been doing Crossfit I have never spoke about it leading with the name Greg Glassman. Quite honestly the average fitness advocate has never heard his name nor could they pick him out of a crowd. I myself didn’t know who he was until after being in Crossfit for about a year. In full transparency at that time I didn’t care who owned it. All I knew was that Crossfit’s methodology was what I needed personally to help tackle my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. He isn’t and will never be the reason why I have dedicated my body to this sport for half a decade and ultimately for the rest of my life.

If you think this article is going to bad mouth Greg you are sadly mistaken. There will be none of that here. As a black woman some of you may even feel I justifiably have a right to do so but the fact of the matter is that I don’t know Greg personally and I don’t have a right to condemn him. Even if I did I still wouldn’t because who am I to judge anybody. Don’t get me wrong his statements were crude, insensitive and lacked complete empathy. But the fact of the matter is simply Greg just doesn’t get it.

The true sustenance of what Crossfit really is has nothing to do with Greg Glassman and his unfiltered tweets this past weekend. If the word itself was banned from our everyday verbiage and removed from boxes across the world our community would still Crossfit. If the Crossfit Open, Crossfit Games and all sanctioned events stopped tomorrow this community I believe wholeheartedly would still do Crossfit.

See what Greg doesn’t understand is that it has always been about people and Crossfit was only the vessel to unify individuals of all races and walks of life. He has often stated “We sit collectively in unique possession of an elegant solution to the world’s most vexing problem.” What Greg didn’t know was that not only did he have a solution to this world’s health problem but he also had a solution to this world’s “heart” problem and the unique possession and the elegant solution that is Crossfit can afford us the ability to both unify and heal ALL people!

So my fellow crossfitters I understand that you’re pissed and you rightfully should be. But the truth of the matter is maybe Greg just doesn’t realize how unique, powerful, mind changing and heart changing the possession of Crossfit really is and could be.