when life gives you vodka drink it straight up!

I absolutely despise the proverbial phrase “When life gives lemons make lemonade.” I’m sorry but please tell me when life has ever been that damn nice to you or anyone for that matter? If I sound irritated it is because this so frequently used phrase is misleading, obtuse and a bold face lie. Life doesn’t give lemons it gives you vodka and when it does drink it straight up and then use the proverbial lemon as garnish!

Seriously think of all the people you know whether it be family, friends or associates that have endured things that were so devastating that you don’t even know how they have the ability to muster the strength to keep getting up day after day. How about your own life manuscript or memoir? Is it filled with trials and travesty? More than likely yes.

So why do we sugar coat how life really is and the true challenges it surely possess? Why is adversity, hardship and loss (of any kind) always seen as nefarious instead of a vital building block that everyone needs to become stronger and more resilient steadfast individuals. We live in a culture today where people do their very best to side step, bypass, hop over and go around any and all challenges they face. A culture that gives side eyes to those who freely choose to absorb the impact of compounded obstacles that life brings instead of avoiding its blow.

Think about it this way. Iron can only be sharpened by iron. Steel is made stronger by molten fire. Even muscles of the human body can only get stronger and bigger by applying an external load to them. Know to become the better you it is necessary face hard situations head on. I challenge you not to run, hide nor divert the hard things you will endure instead when life gives you vodka…drink it straight up!