clo Coffee Co.

I have been cheating on my home town coffee shop…and I don’t feel bad about it! CLO Coffee Co. has become the new love in my life. And like any new love affair I just can’t help but to indulge myself in their presence every chance I get. Every Sunday for the last three weeks I’ve taken the 20 minute drive from home to be truly spoiled by warm smiles, friendly faces and the comfort of slow roasted coffee and pastries so good that I would rather just workout harder at gym the next day than not to have one. And it doesn’t matter which one. Whether it be the almond or spinach ricotta croissant or the vegan gluten free banana chocolate chip bread you will be more than satisfied.

This sultry vibe ridden shop painted slated black with the only colors being the butterscotch sofa positioned affectionately in center of the room and the glow in the faces of customers who anxiously but patiently wait for their order possesses a coziness and warmth that can be found similarly in a new love’s arms.

As the perfectly fitted playlist caresses my ears and calms my soul from a hectic week ending and one getting ready to begin I sip my coffee, smile to myself and know that CLO Coffee Co. is the place for me!

Adrian, Jennifer, Daniel and Ralph…I appreciate you. Thank you for providing me with a wonderful experience!!!