Isabella fitness

Avoided by many and excepted by few. Change, real change requires a certain fortitude that isn’t for the faint of heart. One must endure criticism, backlash and judgement from those whose spotted past transgressions would suggest they all they should offer is their silence. Fortunately the undesired gossip and undeserved shade isn’t even what is most scary about being on the front lines of change, most of us could endure those two things. However, what keeps most workers of change up at night restless and burden heavy is the thought of our efforts not changing anything at all.

When the idea came to me to drop and visit various Crossfit boxes around the state during a time where not only this country but also our community was in dire need of change I already knew that I had given myself a tall order. You see my intentions weren’t merely just to drop into boxes and do the workout out of the day. No, that would have been too easy. But visiting boxes where there weren’t many faces like mine, or any at all, that would be a true challenge.

Forming relationships and connecting with people is how impact occurs. We were never supposed to be an arms length world nor can we have an arms length approach to each other. Being up close, personal and intimate is where the magic occurs, sparks fly and real change manifests. Isabella Fitness afforded me not only an opportunity but a platform to express the need for change with the hopes that I ,a black woman, could show that color is exactly what it is…just a color.

Ben, Kevin, coaches and the entire Isabella Fitness Community thank you for being my first box on this journey. You listened, understood and valued my purpose. A purpose that I hope brings awareness that we as a community and as individuals need to promote a change of hardened hearts and clouded minds. You welcomed me with open arms without any hesitation embracing me as fellow member for the day. Isabella Fitness you gave me much more than a moment for moments are fleeting. You gave me memories and for that I thank you!