AM I Doing the crossfit open?

Fellow crossfitters , and the few potential readers who aren’t, I truly have come to despise this question when this time of the year comes around, And yes it’s that time of year again when Crossfit athletes (elite, rx, scaled, adaptive) put their bodies, minds and souls through welcomed agony, pain and anxiety for a five week competition ( now three potentially) with the hopes for the average box goer that they are a little more fit than last year and for elite athletes to possibly earn a trip to the Crossfit Games.

So I’m definitely being overly dramatic about despising this question but I’m not going to lie it does get my natural hair in a knot! My apprehensiveness for participating is for several reasons but I’ll only mention a couple since the attention span of the average reader is relatively short ( hence why my blogs are only a few paragraphs).

Firstly, I peeped Crossfit HQ’s game some years ago so let me put you on their hustle. You do not need to pay a fee to see if you are fitter than last year! Of course for the elite 1 percent who have aspirations to make it to the Crossfit Games this doesn’t apply to you. There are so few of you anyway that truthfully the bulk of their money isn’t being made by you. But for the everyday day box goer (and there are hundreds of thousands of you) make no mistake your numbers are putting coins into their pockets. And I’m not mad at their hustle but just don’t try to talk slick to a can of oil and try to convince me that paying a fee to see my name and placement on a leader board that I will never lead ( nor am I trying to) will help gauge my fitness.

I wasn’t expecting that first point to be so long so my second point will be my last. Simply put, I’m just too damn competitive! I know, I know, that sounds utterly absurd. And I welcome all judgement because I know how crazy that sounds. But I take competition way too seriously. I’m that person that thinks the person walking behind her is trying to get ahead her so she speeds up so they don’t beat her! Yeah that’s me! Opens I’ve participated in the past made me anxious all week long, kept me up all night after workout announcements thinking of strategies and too damn sore to workout the following week because my ego wouldn’t let me settle for doing a workout just once. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Uh no!

I’m sure I’m turned most of you off by now and middle fingers and eye rolling probably have accompanied your disdain for this article. And if it has then you’ve missed my point which is simply this. Use intuitiveness to gauge your fitness not a competition especially one requiring you to pay a fee to do something you can achieve on your own. Secondly, don’t lose sleep over the Open and just have fun because honestly it’s not that damn serious.