“The warm-up for today’s class is a 1 mile run.” Although I’m never one to complain, at least not out loud, my inner thought was “Oh they are straight buggin…isn’t there three 800 meter runs already in the workout today?” I should have known something was up when the workout somehow wasn’t shown on Wodify for the day. I’m sure it was just a harmless oversight or a glitch in Wodify’s system but it never fails that these mishaps occur on days where the workouts are overwhelmingly demanding. Go figure.

However, volume in Crossfit has always been a topic of discussion and not just from outsiders but also from advocates of the sport. As a GPP crossfitter I’ve have seen and experienced workouts personally with demanding movements and an even more challenging rep scheme and had to question if this type of volume necessary?

I’m willing to bet the vast majority of Crossfit coaches would say yes reasoning that certain workouts are designed to provide a certain stimulus and to that I don’t disagree. However, isn’t one’s threshold to a stimulus subjective? Just because Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike need ten rounds to reach a certain stimulus doesn’t mean I need that amount as well. Maybe for me it’s seven rounds or only an 800 meter warm-up run and three 400 meter runs in the workout.

Now trust me I understand that if you’re an elite athlete in this sport you have to do an obscene amount of volume …or do you? I’ve seen plenty of elite athletes who either came close to getting to the games or who placed in the top 20 at the games and began to bump up their work load/volume in hopes that it would get them closer to the podium while it only transitioned them further away and for some so far away that they no longer competed individually and had to join a team to try to find success.

Maybe we as crossfitters have this fitness and training thing totally backwards. Ask yourself this, how much time are you actually training and not competing during a workout? Or even better how much are you practicing the skills to these movements and lifts during the week? If volume should be anywhere it should be in the practice portion of our training.

Disagree if you want but it doesn’t dispute the fact that more reps and rounds in a workout doesn’t always necessarily make you better in the sport of Crossfit. And maybe more is just that…more!