We are dopamine phone fiends awe stricken by the blue light that illuminates self validation expressed in likes, red hearts and anonymous typed comments. Its hold of us is suffocating, strangling the last freedoms we have as human beings…choice.

The oracles of these platforms are nothing but two bit hustlers using the deception of the human eye to posses control of slight of hand in the form of a swipe and a scroll while slowly and strategically convincing you that need to do so hoping to numb your awareness of the real truth of this world.

No dogs, food or bells and Pavlov’s Theory still reigns true today. However, the substituting culprits are now humans yearning and longing for that dopamine fix given in the form of a click. And like any drug it keeps us dependent and reliant. It has us constantly needing and wanting more as its side effects consume us so greatly that they inhabit us until the point of being unrecognizable.

Dopamine…the only drug people can really take for free.