Before you throw shade and do a double take to make sure this is my blog you’ve clicked on I will answer it before you ask the question. Yes, this is still MScrossfit and yes I am still an advocate for MS awareness, Crossfit, health and wellness.

However, there are times when I just have to say something that is unrelated to any of those topics and fortunately for all you fellow readers one of those times is now.

Y’all…”Folks are strugglin!” And I do not mean the average Joe or the lame man. COVID-19 (aka… Covincia) has even brought big businesses to a doggy paddle from that surfboard wave of money influx they were riding.

Smooth of the rip, I’m not even going to waste time with eloquent paragraph transitions because the experiences that I’m about to share with you made me want to Michael and Janet Jackson Scream so badly these last two weeks that it is aching me not to share.

Strugglin’ Culprit #1…Sally’s. Sally’s hair care sells any and everything related to hair care you could want. But whatever you do don’t go in there with a wish list because you will not have a single plastic bag to carry out the products you’ve just purchased! They no longer give customers plastic bags to hold their items. However, for fifteen cents you can purchase a brown paper bag. So of course I bought one…NOT! Instead I took the bottom end of my shirt, turned it up and made a basket and dropped all my contents inside and walked to my car in complete disbelief! I can’t make this up! Sally’s you are buggin! Folks Strugglin!

Strugglin’ Culprit #2…Shop Rite. Shop Rite, a local supermarket here in New Jersey, has gone so stupid they’re dumb. Shop Rite is telling customers who pay with cash but don’t have exact change that they have to round up their purchase total to the nearest dollar because they do not have silver change! What in the burning bush is going on America!? So let me get this right, you are just going to take my money? You aren’t even going to ask me if you can round my price total up? As you can imagine this situation ended with me speaking with a manger and retrieving all of my forty-two cents! Yup, I held up a line to get forty-two cents and I’ll do it again to maintain certain principles. And they wonder why Trader Joes and Whole Foods are getting their customers. Y’all Shop Rite is strugglin!

Finally Strugglin’ Culprit #3…Marshalls, TJMAXX, Khols and all you other clothing/essential stores who are driving me Michael Jackson Off The Wall with your no return policy! Explain this to me like I’m a four year old. What is the difference in trying on clothes at your stores ( where multiple people are trying them on as well) and trying it on at home and returning it if I don’t like it or if it doesn’t fit? Covincia is the same whether it be at your store or at someone’s residence! Do you really think there aren’t infected customers trying on your clothes at your stores and putting them back!? Please stop the foolishness! I rather you just be real and say as company we have to get 5 months of merchandise off our shelves so that we can make way room for more merchandise that will probably sit another 5 months or more on our shelves until this pandemic is over. But clearly y’all are strugglin!

Friends don’t be fooled. Big businesses are in financial distress just like everyone else in the world and truth be told you may even be in better shape than them!