“Even More Than That”

“Even more than that” was a daily phrase used by my mother after anyone, especially her five children, told her that they loved her. Even when they thought they could one up her and say the phrase after her she would reply with “don’t you know I love you even more than that!” As one could imagine my siblings and I in pure exhaustion would eventually give up this tandem with her leaving mom with the last say of “I love you even more than that!”

What my mother didn’t understand is that her phrase, although used as a term of endearment to her loved ones, could be a powerful mantra for so many people across the world. A world where many of us feel or think of ourselves as merely average or dare I say below average. Let’s be honest. How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, I’m just a stay at home mom or “I’m just coach” as if these jobs are meek and lowly. I myself have said, “Oh, I’m just a trainer or “I’m just the middle child” insinuating that my placing among my siblings is less significant because I’m not the oldest nor the youngest of my family.

However, we as individuals are not our circumstances. We are not our jobs or one’s stigmas or perceptions. We are not the just color of our skin or a body image type and we are definitely more than just our handicap or diagnosis. What must be understood is that we as human beings posses an infinite wealth of capability most of which we haven’t come close to exploring. So let’s stop shooting for the stars and start shooting for the galaxy so that we can truly become Even More Than That!