Strap on your seat belt hold onto to your wigs because I can guarantee that what I’m about to say is going to get on someone’s fourth and fifth nerves. Matter of fact for some it will down right make you cringe inside and wish you never clicked on this post because it will convict you in your unhealthy ways of fitness and nutrition. However, I’m hopeful that for a few of you ( trust me I’m completely aware that it may only be a few) it challenges you in a way that you will refuse to no longer conform to the unhealthy ways of eating and living that this world unforgivably promotes.

You are skinny! You can’t imagine how many times in the last two years I have had this said to me. Family, friends, co-workers, associates ( people who think they are friends of mine but aren’t) and even nurses and technicians at the doctor’s office and hospital have parted their lips and say to me ( a black woman) something in regards to my weight. Ok, for those of you who are reading that are of another ethnicity to call a black woman skinny is being down right disrespectful and rude to most if not all us. Our curves and bodacious bodies is one of many of wonderful cultural signatures that make onlookers nod in appreciation or be consumed with jealousy. So it’s needless to say that I have been irritated by each of these individual’s unsolicited comments about my weight. Really! Who are you and who asked you for your comments?

Listen, I’m an athlete! Just because my non playing walk on years of Division l basketball are over ( they were really over before they started. I still don’t know how I made the team junior year lol) doesn’t mean I stopped being an athlete. Now just because the criticizing crowd decided to hang up their sneakers and sit on the couch and Netflix everyday doesn’t mean I should. People laziness is a choice, a choice that isn’t one of mine. So don’t come for my neck and as the R&B singer Toni Braxton would say “get out my atmosphere”. Oh, I’m in your business today..are you pissed yet?

You eat bird food! Shout out to my girl Leeah for this consistent ignorant comment ( Lee you know I love you girl). Why is healthy eating considered taboo? Every time I’m seen with a healthy snack, eating a healthy meal or even refraining from refined sugar and processed food I’m looked at like I’m a weirdo! Whether I’m at work, with family or friends there is either a look or comment as if I got this whole “healthy lifestyle” thing all wrong and need to be told about myself. People are so lucky that I’m working on my personal self and choose to respond instead of react. And trust me I want to reply as ignorantly as their comments. Whew, let me digress. I follow a very simple rule for my nutrition which is the 80-20 rule. I eat clean whole foods 80 percent of the time leaving the last 20 percent to indulgences here and there. Wanting to live a healthy lifestyle is not hoax, it’s not a gimmick nor a hustle for me. I eat what I want to eat but the difference between me and the non silent and unhealthy majority is that what I want to eat is healthy most of the time.

Listen, I get that healthy living is hard but so is multiplication and we all were able to master that ( well at least up to multiples of 11 for most). I have always said that success comes in small steps and for most of you reading you may have to take baby ones to ultimately live a more vibrant healthy life. All that I ask is that you don’t side eye me or others for wanting to do better!