Last Saturday I was hit by a truck except my truck came in the form of a partner WOD that included 100 reps of four movements that were completed collectively by my partner and I as we alternated doing 20 sit ups. My partner was a rock star! We completed all movements and reps before the time cap and among all partnered groups we finished first! However, later on that day and the next I realized that coming in first was actually finishing last. Soreness, stiffness, aches and pains began to rear their ugly heads leaving me knocked out in the middle of the day on my sofa like boxer Larry Holmes when he went down against Mike Tyson in the first round.

Well Larry and I have something in common. We both at the age of 38 figured out that father time has, is and always will be the undefeated champion of every athlete that has, is and will to come. I’m sure Sam Briggs, the 2013 Crossfit Games winner that has multiple games appearances and a slew of other accolades that would consume the rest of the writing on this blog, would boldly disagree at the seasoned athletic age of 38 and tell me to toughen up. But I’m sorry Sam I’m waving my white flag and surrendering all my WODs to the world of scaled and I’m ok with that.

I’m sure most of you reading, especially if you’re a crossfitter, are rolling you’re eyes, sighing and thinking to yourselves every crossfitter has had experiences like this especially if you’re training right! My body begs to differ and at the age of 38 it is letting me know I must modify, change and adjust how I approach my fitness. Let me prove it to you. Four years of high school basketball (which included AAU, camps, clinics and personal training sessions). Four years of collegiate basketball, years of body building training, years of boot-camp classes, years of cardio kickboxing classes and lastly 5 years of Crossfit training. Damn, maybe I should be waving two white flags instead of one with all the miles my body has on it. Truthfully, I’m shocked I didn’t waive it sooner.

Scaled is where I want to be but more importantly it’s where I need to be. I’m in this functional fitness game for the long run and in order to do so I have to gracefully bow out to Rx workouts. Real talk, I’m just tired of my body being beat up and so sore that it hurts to think. I know that last comment was mellow dramatic but you get my point. Listen, I understand that decisions and changes like this are hard for some crossfitters to succumb to during their fitness journey and I’m not here to persuade anyone to alter their training. However, if your body is and has been talking to you I encourage you to listen and respond with a white flag in hand and go scaled.